"Buyer Beware" may sound cliché, but...

I performed a home inspection yesterday for a previous owner who lost $80K when they sold their home. Why you ask? I'll give you the short version. Their seller didn't disclose that the home was originally a mobile home that was made to look like a conventionally built residential home. Two previous inspectors that are well reviewed on google, here is San Diego, performed their respective inspections and missed the signs that something wasn't right. In addition, there were numerous hazard and safety issues that neither put into their reports.

Homeowners, Sellers and Agents do your homework before you hire an inspector. Ask for a sample inspection report, ask about their experience, ask for their ID and certification number, and their test scores. Be wary of online reviews. Most importantly, ask if your inspector has a construction background; have they built homes before? Why, you ask? Inspectors that have built homes know standard construction practices and recognize red flags, plain and simple!

Both of these inspection companies have lots of online reviews, and yet both companies were negligent on their reports. Now the previous owner is tied up in litigation trying to recoup losses from failing disclosures. Not a place anyone wants to be.

No amount of online reviews can compensate for experience.

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He conducted a detailed, and exceptional home inspection for this buyer. I was well informed of deficiencies and other items not visible. Exceptional work, excellent rapport. Highly recommend!!!


Mark is always on time and professional. He inspects every corner of the properties and gives honest feedback to both the agent and the buyer. He is a great resource to have and a great Home Inspector. I use him for all my buyers.


Mark was super friendly and let me walk with him during the inspection where he happily told me about everything he was inspecting. He is very knowledgeable and gave me great recommendations on improvements. I am a first time home buyer so I had a lot to learn and Mark was more than happy to explain every question in detail. My wife and I are super happy with his work and the report. He is timely and professional. Highly recommend.


Mark was great, very thorough and professional. He generated an excellent and easy-to-read report by the morning after the inspection. Would highly recommend his services.


Escrow Home Inspection for first time buyer. Mark did a great job! The inspection was very thorough and done quickly. He was very professional and friendly.

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