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It’s extremely important to ensure your property has no underlying problems that can lead to delays  or costly repairs when your home is in escrow. A pre-listing home inspection puts you in the drivers seat knowing the actual condition on your home before your agent lists it.











A pre-listing inspection serves many benefits not only for the seller, but also for his or her agent. 


1. It allows the seller to make repairs before listing the home 
If a seller has a pre listing inspection, he or she will then be aware of every issue present in the home and can make repairs to make it easier to sell. 


2. It ensures a smoother, more efficient transaction 
When issues are discovered during a pre-listing inspection, the seller can either have them fixed ahead of putting the home on the market or choose to disclose the issues to potential buyers. Either choice will make the home sell faster because it will prevent the buyer and seller from becoming entangled in long negotiations after the buyer has an inspection.

3. It helps the seller and his or her agent more accurately price the home 
Sellers who do not wish to fix the issues revealed during a pre-listing inspection can factor the repair costs into the asking price of the home and explain to buyers that while the home has certain issues, they will be getting it for a lower price as a result. Conversely, sellers who do decide to make repairs or who come up with a clean home inspection can ask buyers for more money. 

4. It saves the seller money 
When issues are discovered during a buyer-initiated home inspection, the buyer and seller will enter into negotiations to determine who will cover the costs of repairs. In general, buyers tend to significantly overestimate the costs of these repairs, and the seller loses far more money than he or she would have paid to have completed the repairs before listing the home. 

5. It makes the seller more trustworthy 
By disclosing any issues in advance, the buyers can feel confident they are making a deal with a trustworthy person who is not trying to hide anything. 



















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